The 4th of July: A Day of Tragedy for Animals

The 4th of July: A Day of Tragedy for Animals

Fireworks is a fun and spectacular show during holidays. Especially during the Fourth of July, fireworks are a must to celebrate America’s Independence Day. However, although fireworks might be entertaining for humans, fireworks can cause serious physical and emotional damage to animals. 

Animals “experience sounds at far greater intensity than humans.” The sudden loud noise plus the flashing lights causes sensory overload for animals, triggering a “fight-or-flight response to fireworks.” Household pets can panic and act with aggression, injuring themself or their owner while trying to escape. “Litter from firecrackers, bottle rockets, and other explosives can be choking hazards for wildlife and may be toxic if ingested.”

Wildlife is also affected. Not only can wildlife be killed when fleeing, but the loud noise might pose a threat that can cause them to abandon their young. Sparks from fireworks also set off wildfires, killing many helpless animals and burning down their homes. 

If you want to celebrate the Fourth of July with your pets, there are many safe and fun options. You can go for a hike, have a picnic in the park, or just stay at home and play with your furry friends. 

However, if fireworks start going off during the evening, these are some options to keep your pets safe and calm during fireworks. Make sure to keep them indoors and close windows and blinds. Provide a quiet, enclosed space, like a crate, which may help your pets feel safer. Turning on the TV or using treats and toys as a distraction is also an excellent way to keep your pets calm.

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